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“Listen, take lots of notes and keep setting yourself new challenges” – by Richard Branson –

Why to invest...

…The city worth more than a glance

City prijedor

Why to invest...

The City of Prijedor has a lot of benefits for which is worth investing in the various business activities, and some of them are:

● Existing foreign investors – our best reference for new investments;
● A strategic location to Asian, Middle Eastern and European markets with convenient time zone which overlaps with major markets in Europe, as well as allows for time compatibility with companies in the Middle East and United States markets;
● Favorable corporate income tax rate, is only 10%,…the most stimulating in the region…MORE ABOUT TAXES;
● Value Added Tax rate (VAT) is only 17%,…the most favorable in the region…MORE ABOUT TAXES;
● Highly talented, motivated and skilled labor;
● Long tradition of industrial excellence, which translates into a skilled and low-cost workforce for production companies in a variety of sectors;
● Mechanisms to scale up the labor supply in line with specific investment opportunities / project demands;
● Professional work ethic and mentality;
● Abundance of industrial zones, attractive greenfield and brownfield sites, and available production facilities at competitive rates;
● Free trade agreements among CEFTA and EFTA countries and Free trade agreement with Turkey;
● Favorable legal environment;
● Incentive packages for local and FDIs that are customized based on the type and size of investment;
● Competitive utility costs, which translate into lower operating costs for investors;
● Plentiful natural beauty and high quality of life;
● A “can do” business attitude that reduces the risk of investment within a collaborative and innovative environment.

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