One of the most important natural resources in the Municipality of Prijedor is the mineral resource. Iron deposits represent the most significant potential in Prijedor, Republic of Srpska, as well as whole Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Metal-genetic area of Ljubija covers the area of 1.200 sq/km, the northwestern part Republic of Srpska with numerous deposits of metallic, nonmetallic mineral and energy resources. Especially significant are deposits of iron ore, metallurgical raw materials, mineral pigments, then smaller deposits of barite, fluorite, plaster, limestone, dolomite, clay (kaolin, concrete, or clay brick), quartz sand, coal, etc.
Great potential when it comes to natural resources is a forest. In the area of Prijedor municipality,  29.380,20 hectares are covered with forest, 12.362,80 hectares privately owned and the rest 17.017,40 hectares owned by the state.
Water potential is currently under-exploited. There are 4 sources per square kilometer at Kozara hydrographic area, 7 sources of clean drinking water per square kilometer at Mrakovica hydrographic area. The hydrographic area makes 2.152,3 ha or 2.47% of the total area of the Prijedor municipality including rivers, creeks, ponds, artificial and natural lakes. Basic hydrographic feature of Prijedor gives Sana river with its tributaries.
The Municipality of Prijedor has an area of 83.406,60 hectares, 44.740,20 hectares are suitable for agriculture (private and public sector).
Around 37.333,40 hectares of the most fertile land make fields and gardens , while the meadows, orchards, and vineyards cover an area of 7.149,40 hectares (2.404,20 ha of fruit orchards, 4.740,20 ha of meadows, 5 ha of vineyards). The pasture area is 4.263 ha, 1.300 ha of fish ponds, and 3.974,60 ha of the total land area falls in the wastelands. About 13.000 householders are involved in agricultural production.
Also, the area of Prijedor municipality is favorable for fruit production. Ideal conditions for cultivating wheat, corn, and vegetables, industrial plants, such as flax and hemp. The land is not polluted with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Availability of organic products and clean water, explains why international food producers and distributors recognize the value of this sector.
Farming in the area of Prijedor municipality has characteristic of individual production. The biggest potential lies in cattle farming and meat industry, chicken farming, and egg production, as well as fruit and vegetable production.

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them”

– by Chris Grosser –