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“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone” – by Michael John Bobak –

Why to invest...

…The city worth more than a glance

City prijedor


The City of Prijedor has a lot of benefits for which is worth investing in the various business activities, and some of them are:

The average net salary in June 2022 was BAM 1.157,00 (EUR 591,6). The average monthly gross salary in June 2022 was BAM 1.749,00 (EUR 894,2).
The highest average net salary in June 2022 analyzing areas of activities was paid out in the Information and communication sector – BAM 1.541,00 (EUR 787,9) and the lowest average net salary in the same period was paid out in the Construction sector – BAM 844,00 (EUR 431,5).
Salary of employees cover salaries for full-time, part-time and overtime work, payments from business entity resources for paid but not worked hours, such as annual leave, national holidays and days off as prescribed by law, paid leave, paid leave for vocational training, work interruptions without employees’ fault and sick leave paid by the employer.

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