FACILITY AREA: 1.284,5 m2, facility 1: ground floor 549 m2, first floor 91,5 m2, facility 2: 678,8 m2, height to crane 7 m, minimum height 8,5 m, maximum height 11 m
TYPE OF ZONE: Brownfield
LOCATION: situated near the main road M4 Banja Luka – Prijedor (settlement Kozarusa), around 40 km from highway Banja Luka – Gradiska and 40 km from border crossing with Croatia (EU)
CURRENT SITUATION: The owner is interested primarily for lease of land and facilities
PURPOSE: Production of metal construction and their parts
OWNERSHIP: Private property
INFRASTRUCTURE: Completed (access road, electrical substation 250 kW, hydrant network, sewage and water supply + own water well, crane load capacity 7,5 t with range of 14,5 m, internet, own boiler room on pellet power of 50 kW)
OTHER: Possibility for establishment of different type of industries and flexibility of interior in accordance of investors needs
CERTIFICATE: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2010, BAS EN ISO 3834:2009-3, BAS EN 1090-1 i BAS EN 1090-2

NORBOS – Investment offer