The first forms of organized education can be tracked back in the first half of the 19th century. In 1834 Prijedor had the first elementary school that later with so-called "Communal school" was transformed into "State school" in 1919. One of the first most important school institutions was the Prijedor Gymnasium founded in 1923.
Today, there are 11 elementary schools with circa 8.000 students and 6 high schools attended by 4.000 students. A music school and a special school for mentally dysfunctioned persons are also part of the municipal educational system.
Furthermore, there established High Educational Institutions such as: a High Medical School (, a High School of Economics and Informatics ( and a Mining department of the Technological Faculty in Banja Luka (, which attended more than 1.800 students.
The educational system makes mandatory elementary and high school education as well as English language education starting in the first grade of elementary school.
It's very important to emphasize that Local Development Agency PREDA-PD with the support of the City government launches initiatives for amending educational programs in high schools that have been previously agreed with the needs of the local companies.
Also, in the Creative center which was established within the Agency PREDA-PD, carry out continuous education and training in the field of information technology and programming which are suitable for the unemployed, high school and college students.

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