Quality of life

The City of Prijedor is a place with diverse landscape and many centuries of history, a place where different cultures meet and converge. The lifestyle is deeply rooted in rich tradition, cultural heritage and natural beauties in combination with western values.
Prijedor has a reputation of open and welcoming city. A larger number of satisfied visitors who are coming back every year is a result of town warm and friendly environment.
A large number of cultural, sports, entertainment and other events are offered to the citizens of Prijedor. Cherishing traditions and cultural - historical heritage, then the work of cultural - artistic associations, theater, museum, cultural events, artistic amateurism and other forms of related activities, confirming that the Prijedor has a rich and meaningful cultural life.
Some of the most important cultural events in Prijedor are: International chorus festival "Zlatna vila", Literary meetings in Kozara, Winter days in Kozara, Art colonies "Sreten Stojanovic", Ars Kozara - "open air gallery", etc.
Also, the quality of life affects developed NGO sector and the existence of numerous minority associations: Association of Ukrainians "Kozak", Association of Slovenians "Lipa", the Association of Czechs "Ceska beseda", The Association of Romas, etc.
Sport takes a very important place in everyday life of Prijedor citizens. Many sports professionals give immeasurable stamp to Prijedor sport and the city itself. Worldwide, a large number of athletes from Prijedor gave outstanding contribution in almost all branches of sport.
Some of the most successful sport organizations are Tennis club „Dr Mladen Stojanovic“, Football club „Rudar-Prijedor“, women Handball club „Mira“, Handball  club „Prijedor“, Table tennis club „Prijedor“, Athletic club „Prijedor“, Basketball club „Prijedor“, Basketball club "Hunters", women Basketball club "Mladost", etc.
Also, Prijedor has a very important and internationally recognized sport events such as: Tennis memorial tournament "Dr Mladen Stojanovic", International street race, Petrovdan parachute cup, International cycling MTB Kozara marathon, etc.

MORE INFO: http://www.visitprijedor.com/cms/index.php?lang=en

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